California Divorce Process – Streamlining Your Divorce

, July 26th, 2023

How we do it here at California Divorce

The process we use is one that we have found works for our clients and gives them each the benefits of mediation whereas individuals they get to be heard completely. At California Divorce mediation do it in the following way:

  • Initial Discussion about the case together via zoom
  • Gather data using our special secure online portal for required financial and other information.
  • We meet with each party separately via zoom to review special concerns.
  • We make sure each client is heard.
  • We meet with both parties together in Mediation Sessions on various topics.
  • Multiple sessions are needed depending on the complexity of your family and their needs.

In addition, As your Mediator:

  • I Help finalize your Marital Settlement Agreement
  • I can Help Get Case documents filed.
  • I am Available after filing before finalized to adjust things they find are not working.
  • I Can always be called months or years down the road for a quick tune up mediation to handle new issues that were not addressed or one’s that need to be readdressed.
  • As a Mediator I am available by phone or in person for issues as they arise
  • As a Mediator I am available to guide you through to the final divorce and through the mechanics of your agreement.


Why Divorce Mediation works:

California Divorce Process

With Mediation my clients have greater control over the outcome

With Mediation my clients have greater control over the costs

The Mediation process provides a benefit to my clients and their family by getting them back to their lives and keeping their unique family out of the court system.

With Mediation both parties can win a little because both will be heard, and issues will be addressed in a manner that addresses both sides desires and works to meet them equally.

With Mediation the mediator can work with the couple on the division of assets and debts.

With mediation my clients get help with child custody or parenting issues through my unique 32-page parenting plan worksheet.

With mediation, a qualified mediator can provide examples and ideas that may help you avoid legal and financial mistakes in this process.

With mediation, you avoid the expense of lawyers.

With California Divorce Mediators we help our clients from start to finish and work with couples to file all the divorce papers including the final mediated agreement.

With Mediation most of our California Divorce Mediator clients are completely finished with the process and everything is filed with the judge within 4-6 months of starting the process.

With California Divorce Mediators you save time and money, reduce your stress and have someone to help guide both of you through the entire process. Divorce Mediation works.

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